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DLB Consulting is proud to be a trusted advisor to the Dominican Republic’s most prominent businesses, individuals, and public institutions.

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Strategic Partners

DLB Consulting believes in providing our clients with world-class resources, getting the right people for every job, no matter where they are.  We choose our strategic partners carefully and wisely, making sure that they contribute to our value proposition and that they have a solid understanding of the unique way in which we do business.

  • The KBA Consulting Group, Australia
    KBA is a strategy and value-based management consulting firm focused on helping its clients to create value for customers and wealth for shareholders on an ongoing basis. KBA’s Managing for Value (MFV®) methodology helps organizations measure, create, and manage value, such that it promotes a virtuous cycle of shareholder wealth. MFV is based on KBA’s Plan-Based Approach™, which encompasses the systems and processes that help organizations perform based on continually higher value strategies.

    The KBA Consulting Group, Australia
  • Value Analytix, United Kingdom
    VAX is a corporate finance firm specializing in business valuation, capital structure analysis, raising capital, and the implementation of value-based management systems.  This includes consulting services and sophisticated software applications for M&A analysis.


    Value Analytix, United Kingdom
  • The Latin-American Company, United States
    LatinCo is a leading provider of market and business development services to numerous international enterprises expanding to the key markets of the Americas.  This is achieved through local strategic alliances and in direct engagement with strategic customers.


    The Latin-American Company, United States